C is for Closet Burner

C is for CloserBurner. “Disappointment. Death. Dishonor.” LP, “Choose Your Weapon” cassette, and self-titled LP by the queer-positive fastcore adults from IL. Piss Piss Piss played with this band at the Dark Place (a short-lived show house in Portland where the bands played in the living room before it was torn down and replaced by condos) a couple years ago. They were awesome…fast, hectic, intense and hardcore. I knew Jon from tours he joined inblackandwhite on as a roadie. Jon was also in Marc Antony which is worth checking out! That’s how we ended up on the show! Thanks! See you next time! Brought to you by No I in Punk, IFB Records, Reality is a Cult, and Get Better Records.

You can order and listen at the Closet Burner Bandcamp site.


C is for Citizen’s Arrest

C is for Citizen’s Arrest. The “Colossus” LP…awesome hardcore punk from New York. They were born in the early 90’s, I’m going to say similar to the more functional and catchy Born Against material? Maybe a bit like Siege but less sporadic? I don’t know, I’m not great at the band parallels or the ‘for fans of’. Anyway, it’s an LP worth checking out. I’ve had it for probably 15 years or so thanks to my friend, Eric, who introduced me bands like this Encyclopedia of American Traitors, Catharsis, Initial State, etc. I think I saw their name on a flyer recently, are they doing reunion shows or something?! Reunion shows are typically annoying to me but seems like people are eating them up. Nostalgia p0nX/Oi! Oi!

I’ve also noticed my old Everybody’s Records (in Cincinnati) price tags and the signature markered artist and title across the top. I got a bunch of these CD’s and LP’s from them starting in the late 90’s til now.

C is for Catharsis

C is for Catharsis. Samsara CD, Passion CD, Newborn split (Arsonist’s Prayer/Ready to Leave Ready to Live) CD and Light From A Dead Star 2. This was one of my favorite hardcore bands. Political/artistic/musical/heavy/intense punk from Crimethinc’s main band. Once I wasn’t 20 anymore Crimethinc’s immaturity wore off on me…because anarchy is for babies, but this band is still pretty awesome. I’d take cheesy politics over dudes who hang out with Nazis any day though (yes, people in the punk scene still hang out with Nazis even after all these years, the invention of google, and the rise of Trump–“they’re always nice to me”. There’s typically only 3 degrees of separation maximum between any punk and a Nazi…which is really fucking sad).
I only bought the “Light from a dead star II” because it has the later stuff, which is better musically and recorded better. But I have almost everything on CD. The band initially broke up because their drummer went to go on to play in touring acts that were more sustainable, but they recently played some reunion shows, hence the re-release of the older stuff as LP compilations. I never really liked any of the bands born of this band, both Requiem and From The Depths just didn’t do it for me. But, thanks for shredding on these and thanks for bringing The Spectacle to tour in the US!

Passion is my favorite album by them…

B is for Bruise Violet

B is for Bruise Violet. A self-titled 7″ out on Emancypunx Records and “Live Up Your Youth” demo CDr is the discography. 4 women playing fast hardcore punk in San Diego. I got to meet this band in Boston when they were on tour with Condenada. Great tour, great bands! I think our mutual homie, Lucho, booked the show at the art university if I remember correctly. Probably 2006. Awesome.

Daisy went on to do vox for Warscroll as well, who has a split LP with Age of Collapse. Not sure about the other members.

B is for Breed/Extinction

B is for Breed/Extinction. Breed/Extinction put out these 3 releases and did a couple tours. They put out the split LP with The Awakened on WM Records, a self-titled and self-released 7″, and a CD on Losing Face Records called “Alaska”. They represent the late 90’s / early 00’s artsy/musical screamo very well. I think I saw them twice in Cincinnati during that time period. Once at Sudsy Malone’s (with Inside Recess) and once at the EZRider house. They were from New England (I think Connecticut) and broke up when their drummer quit. They later formed a band named Thieves of a similar sound.
Alaska is one of my favorite albums ever. Such raging and epic screamo/hardcore…there was a lot of musical hardcore born out of this era, area, and with the help of bands like this!

I don’t know what Stereo Killer is but Alaska is hosted there in low quality mp3’s. If you like it I suggest looking on Soulseek or purchasing a copy off of someone at discogs.

(I’ll put it on the to-do list to post some mp3’s, but with 24 more letters to go, we’ll see if I ever get around to it).

B is for Bosque

B is for Bosque. Bosque unfortunately didn’t record much material. I think this 7″ was it. They’re an epic crust 4 piece in the vein of  Fall of Efrafa. I luckily was able to book them on the Hands Across Basements punk house festival I used to book in Cincinnati. And, I Fail got the honor of playing with them at a warehouse in Chicago. Great people, great music. Check it out if you can find it!!

Square of Opposition Bandcamp

Live performance:

*I don’t care to speak much about Auryn, you can read about their singer’s fall here, but it looks like he went through his accountability process–I wasn’t involved so I don’t know. This might as well be a 1 sided 7″ anyway.

B is for Black Hole of Calcutta

B is for Black Hole Of Calcutta. Named after an Indian prison from the mid-1700’s. They had 2 self-titled LPs, this was the first one. It’s a split release between Sacred Plague, Rotten To The Core Records, Eatshitbuydie Distro, Circus Of The Macabre Records, Mas (A) Punk, and Dogdown Records. I thought I was going to save money by doing a split release but the international shipping costs were brutal. BHOC is on Volume 1 of the discography release. They play a fast grindcore/powerviolence/hardcore and were originally from Chico, CA but cut down to a 2 piece when the drummer and guitarist moved to Portland/Seattle. They now play in Dödläge (whose 7″ is also on Vol. 1) and Transient. I did vox for them at a show at The Know in Portland when they were first figuring out if they were king to be a 2 piece or not. They went on to do a couple tours, west coast and Europe, but seem to be more focused on the newer acts than this band at this point. Pictured is the test press package (which came with the test press and the clear vinyl) and the regular black vinyl version.