D is for The Dopamines

D is for The Dopamines. Self-titled first full length release from these Cincinnati pop punk celebrities. If you hate the music, you’ll hate the dudes even more. I used to have most of their releases but I’ve sold down my record collection to just my favorites and/or records that are worthless but I know the dudes. Is this one of those? You be the judge. This one was their first lineup and coincidentally it also has my favorite songs…obviously not Cupidity though, #LOL. It’s Alive Records put this one out. This is THEE only pop punk band I like (if I’m remembering correctly). Guys (The Dopamines) if you’re rich yet, throw some money my way. Got punk rock credit debt out the wazoo.

We are all Dead D.O.P.A.M.I.N.E.S.


D is for Dödläge

D is for Dödläge. Self-titled 7″ which is their 2nd EP and out on Sacred Plague Records. Playing noisy d-beat hardcore punk from Portland. Some people make a reference to them being crusty grind but I don’t get the reference. This is a multi-label release along with a bunch of other labels. These guys have members from all over the world and all over the punk spectrum band-wise. Dödläge is compiled of members from Nux Vomica, Insidious Process, Rohit, Black Hole of Calcutta, and Worthless Eaters. Check it out if you want some d-beat grinding noise death or whatever the d-beaters are calling it these days. This one appears on Vol. 1 of the digital discography released everywhere that you can stream!

You can still purchase the 7″ at Interpunk.

D is for Die Young

D is for Die Young. The “Graven Images” LP. This design and album are so awesome. The color scheme rules. Thanks to Jonah at TBD Records aka Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records for putting this one out. The bands vocalist sounds like the lead singer of Catharsis which is obviously bad-assTM. The band plays a more straight forward version of hardcore punk than Catharsis, but with the vocalist they end up sounding more like a serious version of Catharsis’ side-project Ümlaüt. So, basically a punishing hardcore punk album with some sick tech parts. Pick this one up if you can find it! (TBD still has copies up). It rages.

D is for Disslate

D is for Disslate. It seems like these dudes run Mexicali. The 2 shows Piss Piss Piss played there it was definitely the case. The bassist’s uncle even fixed our brake after our idiot drummer fucked up my 1981 van driving like a raging teenager in their dad’s sports car in LA traffic. You can’t drive a 1981 van like a small new car, btw. Disslate pronounced “Dis Slate” not “Dis slaté” play fastcore or grindcore whatever you want to call it. It sounds great and they own their shit. Thanks Disslate!!! Long live Mexicali, long live Disslate!!!

D is for DFMK

D is for DFMK. The “Negatividad” 7″. Piss Piss Piss played with these guys in Tijuana when we were on tour with MyManMike. Playing a straight forward punk-rock-n-roll style punk and having an awesome and energetic live show these guys are worth checking out.. I also saw them in Portland with Saviours about 3 years ago. They have some new releases out since this came out so make sure you check out their bandcamp. Also make sure you check out their “sister” band Calafia Puta…a strange union for some since Calafia Puta plays power-violence / grindcore but I can appreciate the pairing as I am not a fucking poseur.

Here’s your Spirit of Tijuana music video.

D is for Despotic Robot

D is for Despotic Robot. This is a demo from the pre-Ramming Speed act before these dudes got drunk and watched The Ambiguously Gay Duo together shirtless eating pizza slices off of each other and doing belly button body shots–then came the name change. I like the chorus “We Are Thrashamaticians”. Another pixilated lyric sheet! I didn’t see them when they were Despotic Robot, I saw them in a basement as Ramming Speed around when their first 7″ came out. Then I booked them a couple times in Cincinnati, which is where I founded the Speed Club (Ramming Speed Fan Club). One of those shows I got my nose broke thanks to someone getting really drunk and accidentally headbutting me. That was pretty metal I guess. I think I blew about $800 over that…oh well–medical bills are LOLp0nX right?! I’ll post mp3’s if I ever get done with this list.
Check this out if you can find it, but the Ramming Speed stuff is widely available!

D is for Descarados

D is for Descarados. Self-titled single-sided vinyl record (on Emma Navajas) from this Chicago Post Punk/Post Hardcore band featuring members of Sin Orden. Their Myspace says they’re from LA, so it might’ve been a long distance collabo. Very cool, catchy, and non-pretentious unlike 99.9% of the post-punk made over the past 20 years. B-side has a cool etching, and I picked up a screen-print from what I’m assuming is the same set of screens–a smaller version of that screen ended up being the cover for their 7″, which was released in Europe, so it’s a bit harder to find in the US. The lead singer of Sin Order gave me this record when I booked them on Hands Across Basements Fest in Cincinnati. Highly recommended for all fans of “post-” and rad dudes!!!!

I couldn’t find the LP up on the net, but here’s the full 7″ from Stonehenge Records.